Knowledge is power


The English language takes you a long way into today’s world. Students make a wise move and they learn English in order to use it as a communications tool. Our school offers top notch services that make learning fun, productive and effective. The foundations of our school are based on Pedagogy, Education, and Motivation.

Below you will find the list of our services and our learning perspective in detail.

  • 4hours/week for Junior A class (1 year course), laying the foundations right. 4hours/week for Junior B class (1 year course), enhancing techniques and language acquisition.

  • 5hours/week starting from Senior A class. Students gain more experience and keep in touch with the language they learn, "Practice makes perfect"

  • Team work & emphasis in communication skills

  • Learning through reflection on doing + Project Work

  • Highly trained staff. Our teachers are trained to the highest standards through seminars, webinars & projects

  • University of Michigan ECCE & ECPE Diplomas, Cambridge FCE & PCE Diplomas, Certificates of Attendance

  • Weekly Parent-Teacher briefing

  • Weekly Student Progress Report via SMS

  • Personal Counselor (time management, target optimization, study techniques, tips etc.)

  • Laboratory with 20inch AIO Touch Computers, High Speed VDSL Internet Connection, Interactive Whiteboard, Lending library with a big variety of English, German, French and Greek books & magazines

  • Free Stress management lessons for all students in Lower (B2) & Proficiency (C2) level

  • Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors & Multimedia tools in all classrooms

  • Pedagogy lessons in English

  • STEM Lessons (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) in English

  • Free use of the LAB classroom at anytime during school days

  • Simulation Tests for Lower (Β2) & Proficiency (C2) Levels

  • Color photocopies and extra material for all students in all levels

The certified bodies for the diplomas B2, C2 are the following:


The student gets familiar with a second language that will enhance knowledge and confidence. Setting higher goals will be easier for the student due to the multilingual perception that it will be derived from this language. Furthermore, it will be an aid for the Greek school.

So the student can pursue the certificates of DELF A1, DELF A2 (in the end of the 1st year) and DELF B1 (in the end of the 2nd year).

The Avancé Course can be completed in one year and that leads to pursuing DELF B2 or SORBONNE 1.

The Supérieur Course can be completed in one year and that leads to pursuing DALF C1 και DALF C2 or the certificate SORBONNE 2.


From the moment that the German language was taught in public schools a new objective was set for the students, to enrich their linguistics skills. This will help them understand and obtain skills that will take them a step further in their educational and later on, professional development. With our help this is going to happen quicker and more effectively.

The student is able to pursue the Zertifikat Deutsch after completing a 2-year-course of Grundstufe I and ΙΙ.

The next step is to pursue the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung in a 1-2 year course, according to the student’s level.

For the certificates of Kleines and Großes the student will need 1 year for each certificate.


The Italian language is fantastic. It is the language of art, poetry, romance and for those who want to make the difference on a professional and personal level.

During the 1st year the student can pursue the certificates of CELI 2 (or CELI 1).

To pursue the certificates of CELI 3 and CELI 4 or DIPLOMA DI LINGUA ITALIANA the student needs one year for each one.

CELI 4 is for those who want to speak almost perfect Italian and it is a “must” for those who want to apply to Italian Universities.

Furthermore, if the student wants to master the Italian language CELI 5 is what is needed.